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F Broumovské kulturní léto 2001/06/282001/09/02 
F Broumovské kulturní léto 2002/07/012002/10/07Broumovsko
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Festival ...Příští vlna / Next Wave...  ročně19942021
Festival Absolventský festival  ročně20012005
Festival Akcent  ročně20102021
Festival Alternativa  ročně19941999
  Amplion  ročně20192021
Festival Antická Štvanice  ročně20162021
Festival Aplaus  ročně20082016
Festival Apostrof  ročně20022015
Festival Arena - festival Divadla bratří Formanů  ročně20172021
Festival Autorská tvorba Nablízko  ročně20092018
Festival Babí léto  ročně19982013
Festival Baroko  ročně20092021
Festival Bazaar  ročně20152021
Festival Bezručova Opava  ročně19762021
Festival Boskovice  ročně19982021
Festival Broumovské kulturní léto  ročně20012002
Cena Cena Alfréda Radoka  ročně19992021
Cena Cena Ferdinanda Vaňka   20132017
Cena Cena Marka Ravenhilla  ročně20112021
Cena Cena ministerstva kultury - divadlo  ročně20032021
Cena Cena Ministerstva kultury - rozvoj kultury Víme o 2006, 2007. 2008, 2011nepravidelně20072011
Cena Cena Sazky za objev v tanci  ročně20022009
Cena Cena Václava Köenigsmarka  bienále20012007
Cena Ceny 28. října Osobnosti vyznamenané u příležitosti státního svátku 28. října ročně19982021
Cena Ceny Českého literárního fondu  ročně19982012
Cena Ceny Divadelních novin  ročně20012021
Cena Ceny Nadačního fondu Alfréda Radoka  ročně20032013
Cena Ceny Senior Prix  ročně19982020
Cena Ceny Thálie  ročně19982021
Festival Cihelna Třešť  ročně20002000
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Theatre Events module

The Events module contains basic information on theatre festivals, theatre companies' tours abroad, visits by foreign theatre companies, exhibitions and permanent expositions on theatre, theatre awards, and other theatre-related events (lectures, talks, workshops...) held by the Art and Theatre Institute's Information and Documents Department for the 1997/98 to 2010/11 seasons.

We also enter information for older seasons on an ongoing basis as it becomes available, and are in the process of gathering, verifying, and entering data for the period from 2011/12 to the present.

The database of events contains 12,749 records.

Besides using a fulltext search, the Events module also enables searches:

  • by part of the event name (e.g., name of festival - Divadlo evropských regionů)
  • by part of a subevent name (e.g., production title - Korespondence V + W)
  • by part of a theatre's name – finds records matching all variants of the theatre's name throughout history; you can choose a specific variant of the theatre's name indicated by the time range; given names in theatre names are abbreviated without spaces following the periods (Divadlo J.K.Tyla)
  • by part of the name of a foreign theatre – displays only results for this variant of the name without taking into consideration the historical context. City names must be entered according to the common Czech version of the name (e.g., Paříž not Paris)
  • by person's name - author of text, composer, director, conductor (for operas), choreographer (for dance productions), or author/curator (for exhibitions), if contained in the documentation - other persons, including actors, are not contained in the database. You may enter just the first few letters of the surname - for faster searches, it is better to enter the full name (in the form surname, name (Čapek, Karel)),
  • by part of the organizer's name - displays only results for this variant of the name without taking into consideration the historical context
  • by city where the event took place – this includes cities visited by a tour; city names must be entered according to the common Czech version of the name (e.g., Paříž not Paris)
  • by country where the event took place (includes destinations for foreign tours or the country of origin for foreign companies) - for existing countries, choose the current name; for others, choose the most recently valid name
  • by date from/to no need to search in a calendar; you can enter the date in the format 1.1.2012; the results will include events with a corresponding incomplete date (month and year, only year)
  • by type of event – ospeed up searches by limiting your search to certain types of events

The option Accept Unknown Date is used to find events for which the Institute could not determine the date; we recommend using this function only as a supplementary option (in particular in combination with Event Name or Subevent Name)

You can also search the history of various festivals and awards using the tab Periodical Event List and entering part of the event's most commonly used name.

As a rule, diacritical marks do not play a role in fulltext searches or title searches. They do, however, make a difference when filtering interim search results (theatre, person's name). In order to filter interim results (fields with drop-down menu), the information is entered into the field and the choice can be confirmed by clicking or checking the selection and choosing OK.

    Besides using the mouse, you can also navigate through the interim results with your keyboard:
  • Left / Right (arrows) = move to preceding / next row
  • Insert = select row + move to next row
  • PageDown / PageUp = move to preceding / next page
  • Home / End = move to first row of first page / last page

The selected records are ordered in descending order according to date of premiere - the ordering can be changed (ascending and descending) by clicking on the header of any column.
By checking several/all productions (options appear by clicking on the arrow in the top left) and choosing which kind of information will be displayed ("Place on detail" - bottom left), you can create a batch list of productions containing the desired information ("Show selected").
The basic information for all selected records can be exported ("Export") as a table in Excel or other format.

The checked records can be stored ("Insert to box"), where you can find them the next time you open the database from the same computer (the "Box" tab above search field). This function also enables the batch printout or export or records stored from several searches. When storing a large number of records, it is a good idea to empty the storage prior to saving additional records ("Remove from Box").

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